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BREAKING NEWS-Dr. Keenan Cofield, Henrietta Lacks, LLC, .Com and Hela-Cells.com Send “CEASE & DESIST LETTER” and “WARNING” with a Notice of Intent to Sue to Google for Hosting Fake News, Blogs and Sites

69 Days ago

“Is it Now Time Like the EU for Senator Elizabeth Warren and the United States Congress to take Action to Regulate Web Giants like Google, Facebook and others content and More?” The answer is YES!

BALTIMORE, March 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Last week, Henrietta Lacks, LLC and Dr. Keenan Cofield, sent Google officials a letter through its Maryland Resident Agent, to Cease and Desist, along with a Notice of Intent to Sue or take legal action, directing Google take down fake web sites, blogs and other sites, if Google did not scrub and purge those fake defamatory sites and blogs that referred to being family members of the Lacks, or other libelous defamatory statements that are false, inaccurate and pure lies on its servers to billions of users worldwide.

Henrietta Lacks, LLC is not playing with Google, and we are setting the tone today with this message.

Henrietta Lacks, LLC nor Dr. Keenan Cofield has not authorized Google nor any third parties written consent nor permission to post any fake to false information about them that would violate and/or infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks and other administrative filings of public record. 

Hopefully, Senator Warren and Congress STOP messing around and begin hearings necessary to regulate the tech industry. Especially, the content, language and other information on its platform for the world, that tends to be false, fake news, to inaccurate or incorrect information or depicting of individuals in a false light that hurt and harm the victims every minute of every hour, millions are defamed and lives wrecked by false fake stories. “President Donald J. Trump, does have a BIG point on this subject, of the fake news.” This issue is not limited to the media, but everyday individuals and small companies who have nothing else to do.

“A Change is about to come to the Technology World.” Google, the little people of the world are coming and we demand changes to your rules, policies on how you do business with negative content you allow anyone, anywhere to say what they like on your servers and search systems. Time, for “We the People to Push Congress” to cut this power source off and regulate it now!

CLICK HERE FOR “FULL ENTIRE” STORY- https://medium.com/@supremegrandbishop/breaking-news-dr-ef1f2bd22437

Office of the Supreme GRAND Bishop
Dr. Keenan Cofield, DD/JD/Ph.D./Psy.D
Founder & CEO of Henrietta Lacks. LLC, .com & .app
Hela-Cells.com, and Dr. Oscar Phillips
Baltimore, MD
Email: hela@henriettaLacks.com or

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